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IKF fanmail goes LA too [April 16th// 2007]

I know the news have been repeating many times. But i would like to take this opportunity to gather again all I.K.F (International Kagrra Fans).

As i know some of you will be able to go to the LA event, wish you all the best. But for those who can't make it, here is a chance for you to send your message across.

Quote from filthindebeauty
Since not all will be able to attend the Jrock Revolution in May, we've created a project for those who'd like to participate.

Please read the rules here.
All questions may be asked on crucifiedsorrow's LJ.

May be you all can start to write to some of your fav bands. But here i'm focusing on Kagrra only.

I'm thinking if some of you would like to join me and send it together. It will be cheaper too.
If you are interested please join me!Collapse )

LOVE Project and Fan's Art Poster [February 23rd// 2007]

[ mood | creative ]

LOVE Project (Continued)

This Gift will be again a photo album. This whole idea is under a theme called LOVE. We are going to show them what we love and what they love. Here is what we need to do:

1. A picture of a thing, a person (not Kagrra members)or a place.
2. Wrote a simple caption "(your name/nickname) LOVE (a name for the picture)".


slsfavanime LOVE Japanese style room

Easy?? I hope so ^^. You could describe more about the picture in your caption too. Picture bigger than 200kb please email to slskagrra@gmail.com

Secondly, please vote what are the things that each members LOVE:(This is a trial vote as i'm looking for more creative, funny, strange answers so if any of you could add extra answer please comments)

Akiya Polls
Isshi Polls
Izumi Polls
Nao Polls
Shin Polls

Fan's Art Poster

I'll be making a poster (either a cloth material or normal poster material) about W= 52cm L= 73cm.

- The theme will be Japanese Traditional.
- Colored fan's art are more preferred.
- Scanned to the best quality, Photoshop or Corel accepted.
(Not only art of members drawing, logos and other Japanese Traditional stuff related are all accepted)

Some FAQ:
- are you looking for pieces of complete artwork(with bg, etc..) or prefer simpler designs (picture on white)?

I'm not restricting any, if you have an artwork with all the bg of scenery or very big, i might have it resized and if it does, the details won't be clearly seen but again i'll inform if this happens to you. Simpler designs are allowed but i won't really recommend it, but again once you submitted, i tried to respect all your works and make sure it will be on the poster.

- is it okay if I want to draw all of the band? Either in 1 single pic or 5 separate pics with similar themes.

You can combine your artworks and there is no limitation on the band members as long as they are all Kagrra, so if you have 5 drawings of Shin in similar themes, you may combine them or in any case i will do the arrangement.

- can we put small comments on our pictures?
Short/few words are allowed or even your signature.

Designers are needed to work with me to re-arrange or design the final poster. Please contact me if you are able to take the responsibility of the designer works.

Target: 30-50 pictures and 20 fan's arts

Deadline: Early - mid Dec 2007.
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Starting next project! [February 5th// 2007]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hi everyone, let's get started to the next project of IKF.
Next Project!!Collapse )
Additional End of YearCollapse )

I need some helpers to maintain this comm, please see the community profile for positions available. Thank you!

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Nao and Izumi's bday cards!!! [January 27th// 2007]

[ mood | accomplished ]

It is finally done!!! The two cards were done with the help of some of my dear friends!!! Thanks gals for helping me ^^. Thanks also for those who have send in their messages!!! The cards design may not be the best... but the main point is to wish them Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's.
Read more...Collapse )

I'll send it by tomorrow!!! So next will be Akiya and Shin's bday XDDD any ideas??

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Apologize for my absence and delay in projects [January 16th// 2007]

I had a bad news here to inform you that the Valentine's Project will be delay till next year or may be use for the end of year projects. Due to the lack of participation and time, i will also delay the polling. But for those who have submitted their photos, i'll keep it save and for those who have not sent, please still send it to me, i'm still continuing the project just that i won't send it for this Valentine. The deadline is also changed.

Secondly about the Nao and Izumi's birthday messages, i'm still not getting enough, so i might also drop the idea of making a card. In order not to disappoint those who have submitted, i will send your messages but may be i will just bought a card and wrote all your messages. I really apologize... the time i have was till 27/28 Jan, by then i must send the cards so i might not have any time to make other works. The dead line for the birthday messages entries is till 25 Jan 2007.

I really apologize to all of you and to ... Kagrra, -.-,

Hope the next project, we have more time and more participants. Thanks
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LOVE Projects (DELAY) [December 30th// 2006]

This Gift will be a booklet. This whole idea is under a theme called LOVE. We are going to show them what we love and what they love. Here is what we need to do:

1. A picture of a thing, a person (not Kagrra members)or a place.
2. Wrote a simple caption "(your name) LOVE (name of the picture).
ExampleCollapse )

Secondly, please let me know what are the things that each members LOVE then after a few days, i'll make the polls. Here is the format:

Akiya LOVE:
Isshi LOVE:
Izumi LOVE:
Shin LOVE:

Lastly... i'll put "We all LOVE Kagrra,".

Target: 30-50 pictures

Deadline: Unconfirmed will be used for future.
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Nao and Izumi's Birthday Cards Projects [December 30th// 2006]

Nao and Izumi's Bday cards!!!

I'll be making 2 cards (one for each of them). The design of the card will be shown later, but i need to collect all your message for them in any languages and no words limit. Jokes or Lovely-dovey is ok but please be more considerate (no "marry me" what so ever >.<). But most importantly there must be a "Happy Birthday" written on it. Follow the format below for submission:

Bday message for Nao or Izumi:
From:(Name and country/town) If you are listed on the IKF list please use the same name.

Target: At least 30 messages each!!!

Date line: Before 25 Jan 2007
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Members of the International Kagrra, Fans [December 30th// 2006]

International Kagrra, Fans :Collapse )

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